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Motoklik is an easy to use, easy to fit, robust suspension measurement and lap-timing system for use with off-road motorcycles.

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How does it work?

Motoklik is an electronic device with unique Motoklik suspension sensors, a mobile app, and cloud database that allows technicians to remotely access your data.

1. Central Control Unit (CCU) located between the triple clamps and behind the front number plate.

2. Satellite Position Antenna located on the handlebar, with start / stop recording session button and led indicator.

3. Front Suspension Measurement Wand located on the left fork leg.

4. Rear Suspension Measurement Pack located between the frame and brake master cylinder

5. Self-charges from bikes power supply. No need to recharge or replace batteries.

Any Location Lap-Timing

• Satellite enabled lap-timing, no need for any hardware to be set up at the track, just press the button and go.

• Accurate to 0.1 seconds.

Section analysis to see which line is the fastest.

Suspension Data

• Easy-to-fit, robust suspension measurement system for front and back, can be power-washed and stay on the bike.

Live Sag readout – know your sag position without needing a measuring tape or another person.

Bottoming analysis – see where on the circuit the suspension is bottoming out.

• Suspension position and speed analysis for any section of track. See if adjusting high or low speed compression will help more.

Performance Tracking and Hour Metre

• Quickly see if your performance is improving with the dials for average speed, lap variation, and the unique speed vs. track roughness score.

• Automatic vibration detection hour metre – no need to buy separate hour metre.

• Easy to read how many hours are on the bike through the app.

• Self charging device from bikes power supply.

“Motoklik is fantastic for gathering information even down to the tiny details such as a specific jump landing or corner, it allows you to get the information needed to make the correct suspension changes”

 – James Doyle (@jamesdoyle_12)

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