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We spent a day at the Grevenbroich circuit in Germany with Danny Hermans from MXmag.be and MXVintage.be to follow Boris Blanken from Mellendijk Motor Parts test out the Motoklik system, and review the valve changes made to the high speed compression adjuster on the shock, after previous testing at Lommel.

In an earlier article we wrote about a novelty in the motocross world: the Motoklik system that analyzes your suspension with sensors and a GPS receiver. MXMag went to Lommel and Grevenbroich with two drivers for a practical test.

It is the Irishman Jens Köpke who, after a crash, wondered whether a suspension could not be analyzed with data that prove in black and white that things must be different. Sensors on the front fork and swingarm generate data that, together with a GPS signal, is sent to a central computing unit (CCU). An app for the riders and a dashboard for the mechanics shows you what your suspension is really doing.

After a few test runs and associated adjustments to the suspension clickers, he lapped 4.5 seconds faster on an increasingly difficult track. The engine held its line better and there were no moments in the data where “bottoming” was observed. Bottoming stands for those snapshots where the suspension has used up its full stroke.

The use of Motoklik provides a clear view of a lot of data that is now really expressed in numbers. Just think of the speed of compression and rebound, which is now expressed in black and white in meters per second. The added value is that you can now really find the twisting of your clickers in the data. Spectacular without a doubt.

A cold Grevenbroich

This time the Motoklik system was screwed onto the GasGas of the Dutchman Boris Blanken. He had previously tested in Lommel and now went to Germany for a second session. There too it was quickly clear that a well-functioning suspension is nothing without the right adjustment. Lap times improved by slowing the compression stroke speed by a few clicks.

Boris wants to keep the system permanently on the bike because the conditions are constantly changing and a suspension reacts differently as it gets older. It is important to know that Motoklik is indeed designed to remain permanently on the motorcycle. All parts are water and dirt resistant and will continue to work without a hitch to push data to the app.

Motoklik is for sale at the following dealers:

  • Mellendijk Motor Parts, De Heurne NL
  • Stop&Go, Lommel B
  • Mecafit, Zele B
  • WV2 Suspension, Herselt B
  • VHL Suspension, Hasselt B

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