Motoklik TW1.0 System

Motoklik is an electronic device designed for use in motorsport applications. The products unique selling point is automated suspension setup. 90% of racers don’t know how to set their suspension properly. Motoklik gives racers instructions on the best suspension set-up for the current track conditions, improving the vehicles performance and safety.

Motoklik consists of an electronic device with auxiliary sensors, a mobile app, and cloud database with user interaction capability through online dashboards. The device is made up of a central control unit, front suspension position measurement wand, rear suspension position measurement sensor pack, satellite position antenna with system status led, and can be powered from the vehicle’s power rail via the OBD connector.

Frequently bought with:

Motoklik Advanced Analytics Platform Subscription - Single Rider

The dashboard has been designed for suspension technician users to get the most value from. This subscription is designed for a single rider.

The dashboard allows users to upload their data to a cloud enabled centralised database and share the data with a suspension technician of their choice. The suspension technician must subscribe to the Motoklik service to access other user’s data.


Motoklik system example overlaid on motorcycle.

  1. Central Control Unit (CCU) located between the triple clamps and behind the front number plate.
  2. Satellite Position Antenna located on the handlebar.
  3. Front Suspension Measurement Wand located on the left fork leg.
  4. Rear Suspension Measurement Pack located between the frame and brake master cylinder.

Package contains:

  • Motoklik Central Control unit. This unit is used to distribute power to each of the sensors, record the data from those sensors, and transmit the data via Bluetooth to the mobile app. The unit also contains a 1000mAh 3.7v Lithium battery.
  • Satellite Position Antenna. The antenna is used to identify and fix to satellites to calculate the current antenna position in latitude, longitude and altitude, and calculate the speed the antenna is moving. The unit also has a clear button cap that can be illuminated in green and red. Flashing red indicates the antenna is trying to obtain a satellite fix, flashing green indicates the satellite is fixed, and solid green indicates that the Motoklik is recording data.
  • Front Suspension Wand. The wand houses an array of sensors that the determine the front suspensions position based off of the relative position of a magnet located in no. 5, the front magnet housing.
  • Rear Suspension Sensor. The rear sensor houses an array of sensors that the determine the rear suspensions position based off of the relative position of a magnet located in no. 6, the rear magnet housing.
  • Front Magnet Holder. The holder encloses a 15mm x 5mm Neodymium disc magnet, and connects to the front fork guard of the motorcycle. This part replaces the front brake line clamp holder.
  • Rear Magnet Holder. The holder encloses a 15mm x 5mm Neodymium disc magnet, and connects to the swingarm on the rear of the motorcycle. It is held in position by bolts used for holding the rear brake line guide in position and / or a cable tie(s).
  • Power Supply Cable. The cable assembly is made up of three components, the Motoklik connector, the OBD connector (8), and the fuse (9).
  • OBD Connector. This connector plugs directly into the motorcycles wiring harness and is used to draw a 12v power supply from the motorcycle which is used to power the Motoklik. The power supply from the motorcycle is on a relay which turns off after a certain period when the engine is not running e.g. 30 seconds. When the power supply is removed, the Motoklik device is powered by the internal battery for 10 minutes, and then it turns off also.
  • Fuse. The powers supply cable also includes a 1A blade type fuse to keep power consumption below 15w.

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Honda, Husqvarna, GasGas, KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha

GasGas Models

MC 250 F, MC 450 F

Honda Models

CRF250R, CRF450R