Yamaha Sensor Kit

314.99 Ex VAT

If you have already purchased a Motoklik TW1.0 system for a different brand, and you would now like to work with Yamaha models also, this kit will allow you to work with Yamaha models, without needing to buy a second Motoklik TW1.0 system.

Click here to buy a Motoklik TW1.0 system if you don’t have one already.

These sensors can be used with a Motoklik TW1.0 Central Control Unit (CCU) and Handlebar Controller.

This kit Includes:

1x Front Suspension Sensor for Yamaha (KYB SSS).

1x Front Suspension Sensor Collar for Yamaha (KYB SSS).

1x Front Magnet Holder for Yamaha.

1x Rear Suspension Sensor for Yamaha.

1x Rear Magnet Holder for Yamaha.

1x OBD Power Supply Cable for Yamaha.





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