Our Story

With 20 years off-road riding experience, we here at Motoklik understand what riders really care about when it comes to their performance and safety. Our founder, Jens, has been riding motocross since he was 7 and has been addicted to moto ever since. 

In case you’re wondering how the idea for Motoklik came about, let us tell you. One day when racing in the Summer of 2016, Jens bottomed out on the take off of a jump, causing him to lose his concentration. Jens landed off-line in some deep muck. The bike tucked and cartwheeled sending Jens down the track injuring his neck and causing a lot of damage to his bike. Luckily, he was OK, but the thought occurred, why isn’t there something to tell me how to set-up the suspension?

The idea for Motoklik was born.

Jens Köpke, CEO & Founder

Jens has been riding and racing off-road motorbikes for over 20 years, through the sport of motocross. Ever since a young age, Jens has had a passion for all things Motorsport, and is very excited about how the Motoklik team can improve the lives and happiness of everyone who throws a leg over a bike, or gets behind a wheel.

Jens has a B.Eng (Hons) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and an M.Sc in Innovative Technology Engineering from Waterford Institute of Technology and has previously worked as a Technical Account Manager, supporting automotive to medical device customers, and more recently worked as an R&D Process Development Engineer for Bausch + Lomb, before founding Motoklik.

Valerie Chong, COO

Originally from Malaysia, Valerie is a dedicated, versatile and a proficient project manager. Valerie has recently received her Master’s in Project Management from Waterford Institute of Technology, and has industry experience in managing supply chain and cash flow, as well as in contract negotiation through her previous work in Singapore.

Valerie manages Motoklik finances as well as using her critical thinking to develop company strategy.

Łukasz Mądrzak,

Łukasz is a talented and successful software developer. Having received two UCC Scholar awards from University College Cork, Łukasz has gone on to develop multiple web and mobile based applications over the last 6 years, as well as having founded student support schemes in UCC. Łukasz is tasked with the development of the Motoklik software and mobile app .

Lorand Kertesz,

Lorand graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2015 with a M.Eng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and has gained several years’ experience in hardware development working as a Senior Electronic Design Engineer.  Lorand is now based in Carlow and is a committed dependable developer that understands the commercial needs of the Motoklik device.