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To get started, you will need to purchase a Motoklik TW1.0 system. This is the equipment that will be fitted to the bike and is used to record all of the information.

The information that is recorded can be downloaded to the Motoklik app on either android or iOS (iPhone / iPad) devices. The app is free for the first year if you purchase a Motoklik and it includes all of the basic information you need such as lap and section times, the suspension position and speed data, bottoming analyses, live sag readout and hour metre.

The online dashboards are for people who really want to get technical with the suspension data, so this will be best for people who are used to making changes to suspension setup and internals such as spring rates and shim stack changes etc. The difference between the “Single Rider” and “Technician” dashboards are that the single rider can only view their own data, and the technician allows them to see the data of other riders who allow them to see it.


  • Motoklik TW1.0 System

  • Motoklik App Subscription

    4 Ex VAT / month with 1 year free trial
  • Motoklik Advanced Analytics Platform Subscription – Single Rider

    16 Ex VAT / month
  • Motoklik Advanced Analytics Platform Subscription – Technician

    41 Ex VAT / month