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MOTOKLIK now available for 85cc!

Motocross Suspension Data Logger for 85cc Motorcycles

Motoklik: The Ultimate Suspension Setup and Lap-Timing System for 85cc Dirtbikes

If you are looking for a way to improve your suspension setup and lap times on your 85cc dirtbike, you need to check out the Motoklik system. Motoklik is an electronic device with unique suspension sensors, a mobile app, and a cloud database that allows you to measure and analyze your suspension performance and lap times on any track.

Motoklik is designed to work with motorcycles that have off-road capability, and it is now available for 85cc dirtbikes from GasGas, Husqvarna, and KTM. Whether you are racing motocross, supercross or enduro, Motoklik can help you achieve the best suspension setup for your riding style and track conditions.

Motoklik is easy to use, easy to fit, and robust. It comes with a central control unit (CCU) that is located between the triple clamps and behind the front number plate, a satellite position antenna that is located on the handlebar with a start/stop recording session button and LED indicator, a front suspension measurement wand that is located on the left fork leg, and a rear suspension measurement pack that is located between the frame and brake master cylinder. It self-charges from the bike’s power supply, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or recharging.

Once you install Motoklik on your 85cc dirtbike, you can start recording your suspension data and lap times with a simple press of a button. After riding your first session, you can use the Motoklik app to see your data and get recommendations from AiSetup. AiSetup is a smart feature that analyzes your data and tells you how much to adjust each of the clickers for high and low speed compression and rebound, so you can ride with maximum confidence. AiSetup also notifies you if your valving or springs are too soft or stiff for your weight and ability, so you know if you need to have your suspension serviced by a technician.

With Motoklik, you can also see live sag readout, bottoming analysis, suspension position and speed analysis, section analysis, average speed, lap variation, speed vs. track roughness score, and more. You can compare different sessions and tracks, see which line is faster, and see if your suspension setup changes are making you faster. You can also upload your data to the Motoklik online dashboard and share it with your technician.

Motoklik is not just a data logger or data acquisition system. It is a suspension setup and lap-timing system that can help you improve your riding skills and performance on your 85cc dirtbike. It is a must-have tool for every dirtbike rider who wants to get the most out of their suspension.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get Motoklik for your 85cc dirtbike today. Click on Buy Now to order yours, and get ready to experience the difference that Motoklik can make.

MOTOKLIK Oakhanger Race Report

Oakhanger lay host to the opening round of the 2023 Revo British Motocross Championship fuelled by Gulf. The circuit was specially built on Ministry of Defense land in Hampshire, and the photos didn’t lie about this spectacular circuit. With it’s mix of “bottomless beach sand, and some parts with a hard base (S. Edmonds)”, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the depths of the Netherlands at a Dutch circuit, and not in the UK. The track looked awesome! There is something very special about the bark and ping of dirt bikes through the woods, and Oakhanger was no exception, as the layout streaked it’s way through the trees. Heavy showers fell on the Saturday when we got there to get set up, but the gods looked favourably on Sunday which remained mostly dry. It wasn’t enough to gift the riders with a smooth track however, as the numerous classes chewed their way through the sand to leave a deep and treacherous path, bad enough to catch out reigning champion Tommy Searle in the second race, leaving Harri Kulas to steam ahead to a 1-1 overall.

Motoklik had two supported riders on the day in Stuart Edmonds in the MX 1 class, and Jordan Kinsella in the Big Wheel 85.

Stuart had the switch to Honda earlier this year giving him a later start to the season than he would have wanted. Many laps around the Magilligan circuit in Ireland helped to prepare the Dubliner for the British opener. Qualifying was less than stellar at seventeenth, as a few small mechanical bugs acted as a distraction while Stuart got to grips with the track. Having used the Motoklik system to work a lot on suspension settings for his Showa A-Kit equipped race bike over the past few weeks, Stuart felt comfortable heading into race one. The start couldn’t have been much worse coming around the first turn with only four riders behind him in a class of twenty nine riders. Stuart got the head down, and started clicking off passes lap after lap to claw his way all the way up to tenth, with ninth in sight just up ahead. Unfortunately, the deep conditions and having to fight his way through traffic from the very first corner proved too much for his machine, and with two laps to go Stuart was forced to DNF race one. The race two restart proved to be much better for Edmonds as he rounded out the first lap in ninth. Some jostling for position through race two would see his standing fall and rise, before coming home in ninth, for sixteenth overall.

Up and coming Jordan Kinsella also made the switch to a red machine in the offseason, namely a GasGas MC 85, and has been working with us to develop and test the Motoklik system for the smaller capacity machine. Having worked through a few iterations over the winter, we finally landed on a design that we believed was up to task for racing at this elite level. It was a real trial by fire for the Motoklik system, with deep, abrasive, wet sand and long moto’s. Unfortunately, Jordan had been suffering due to illness in the week prior, putting him on the back foot coming into the weekend. He stayed committed and focused, qualifying in twenty fourth, finishing race one in twenty-sixth, and remaining determined to put in a stronger performance in race two for twenty-first when the track was at its toughest and roughest.

We’re proud to say the Motoklik system performed very well in these very trying and conditions, and shows that the development work we have put in is paying off to withstand this elite level racing. The Motoklik TW1.0 system is available to buy on our website, or you can message us if you have some further questions.

MOTOKLIK on 5 continents!

Motoklik is an innovative suspension data acquisition and lap timing system that has been making waves in the motorsports industry. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this system is now being used by customers on 5 continents across the world, from New Zealand to California.

One of the unique features of Motoklik is its robust and compact linear position sensors. These sensors are designed to withstand even the toughest racing conditions, providing accurate and reliable data that can be used to optimize vehicle performance. By using these sensors, racers can fine-tune their suspension systems to maximize grip, stability, and overall performance.

Another key feature of Motoklik is its easy-to-use mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. With the app, racers can quickly and easily access real-time data on their vehicle’s performance, including suspension travel, shock and spring velocity, and lap times. The app also allows racers to compare data from multiple sessions and track conditions, providing valuable insights into how to improve their lap times.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of Motoklik is its ability to remotely access data through an online dashboard. This means that racers can access their data from anywhere in the world, making it easy to review and analyze performance data, even when they’re not on the track. This feature has been particularly popular with racers in remote locations, such as New Zealand, who may not have access to local data analysis resources.

Motoklik has quickly become a game-changer in the world of motorsports. With its robust sensors, easy-to-use app, and remote data access capabilities, this system has revolutionized the way racers approach performance optimization. Whether you’re a professional racer or just looking to improve your lap times, Motoklik is a tool that can help you achieve your goals.


MOTOKLIK launches new YouTube series!


We are excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube video series about our product, Motoklik. Motoklik is a state-of-the-art tool used to record suspension and lap-timing data in motocross, and our YouTube series showcases how we have developed this innovative product with suspension technicians and racers all over the world.

The series mainly focuses on Belgium, the Netherlands and California, where we have collaborated with top-level riders and industry experts to create the most advanced suspension and lap-timing system available. Through the series, viewers can see firsthand the hard work, dedication and passion that has gone into developing this product.

We also highlight how the product is made and the attention to detail and quality that goes into every single unit. Our team takes pride in producing Motoklik to the highest possible standards, and we want to share that process with our viewers. From the initial design to the final product, we ensure that every aspect of the process is carefully considered to create a tool that is both effective and reliable.

We understand that motocross is a demanding sport, and every detail matters. That’s why we’ve designed Motoklik to be the best possible tool for recording suspension and lap-timing data. With our YouTube series, we hope to show riders and technicians how Motoklik can help them to improve their performance, and provide valuable insights that they may not have been able to access before.

Overall, we are thrilled to launch this YouTube series about Motoklik. We hope that our viewers will enjoy learning about the development process and the attention to detail that goes into making the product. We’re confident that Motoklik will continue to be a valuable tool for riders and technicians, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting product.

MOTOKLIK in Dirt Bike Test Review

During our trip to Southern California in March and April 2022, we were fortunate enough to meet with Trevor Hunter from Dirt Bike Test at Glen Helen, to try out the Motoklik system on his Yamaha YZ 250 FX. Check out the video below to hear Trevor’s initial thoughts on working with the Motoklik system.

MOTOKLIK in Noppennieuws Review

Noppennieuws is the biggest motocross magazine publication in the Netherlands and Belgium, and we were delighted when they agreed to join us for a days testing in Grevenbroich (Germany). The test took place with Boris Blanken of Mellendijk Motor Parts in the Netherlands, and you can read below what the guys had to say about Motoklik. A digital version of the article can be viewed here: Noppennieuws 1 Test_MotoKlik

*The translation is from Google translate, and as such, some of the terms and sentence structures are unconventional in the English language, but it gives good insight into the Motoklik system.


Don’t be fooled by its German name, because Jens Köpke is born and raised Irishman, whose passion is motocross. Because he himself against the problem of wrong adjusted suspension hit, he came up with a way to test the suspension on the track. The results are then online or via an app on the phone or laptop to view the targeted to improve suspension. In Ireland he knew to convince an innovation support fund of its idea, which means that he has been there full-time for two years now was able to work on. The system has been shortly on the market and the first cross teams and suspension specialists are already using it.

To see how it works, we are on a cold December day in Grevenbroich, where EMX rider Boris Blanken together with GasGas dealer and WP suspension specialist Albert Mellendijk it system test. Mellendijk has now completed the system partly purchased to improve the suspension of its customers to assess and improve.

“Data recording is extremely important in road racing, but in the cross this is still in the children’s shoes”, observes Köpke. “If you know what’s happens while driving with your motorcycle, where on the circuit, for example, blows the suspension or which place there is too much or too little damping, you can adjust and optimize your suspension much more precisely serenity. In the road race they drive for the suspension tests with special telescopic pick-ups at the front and rear fork, but it was immediately clear to me that those in the cross are far too vulnerable. I have so devised other sensors that protect against sand, mud and can take a beating. In addition, they are easy to assemble: you can install this system in put on a motorbike for about ten minutes.”

The front fork sensor is located behind a carbon cover the outer leg, while the protective cap of the lower leg comes with a holder with a magnet. The sensor can be clicked on for the rear suspension on the rear brake pump and the magnet comes there sit on the rear bridge. Both front and rear so only the magnet moves with the wheel when the motor compresses, so the system has no influence on the operation of the suspension. per motor brand, the sensors and magnetic mounts do differ slightly: you buy a Motoklik set so specific for one motorcycle brand, but you can do buy several sensors, so that you can use it can be used on multiple engine brands. The small CCU electronics box comes behind the front plate to sit. The power comes from the battery or is ‘tapped’ from the socket with a suitable plug diagnostic plug under the buddy. further comes a GPS sensor on top of the handlebars, which will later show exactly where you drove and then also clearly shows the lines driven. On this box also has a button with indicator light around to turn the system on or off. “The CCU measures 100 times per second the position of front and rear fork,” says Köpke. “It turned out in practice find the ideal mix between reliable data and good downloadability via Bluetooth and the internet connection on your phone. The system registers every spring movement and also measures immediately the SAG (static collapse; ed.). On the circuit drawing it automatically generates he afterwards also see exactly how far the suspension is a certain point is sprung and where it is, for example, image breaks. A rider also sees the effect of driving other lines via the lap times and the sector times that the system also records. In addition, you can press any spring movement zoom in and from there you recognize what is happening with the damping is on. There are nowadays so many variables, with in addition to the spring preload and rebound also the high-speed and the low-speed compression damping.

That all becomes with data recording much more transparent. Moreover all measured data comes in one large database and from this the system distils a kind of ideal adjustment for each circuit. In the future you can also see this ideal setting on the special app on your phone, tablet or laptop, so that you can quickly see how and where your suspension position deviates from the ideal setting.” Boris Blanken is positive about the Motoklik system. “Previous I already have a week with the system in Lommel drove and then I immediately got some useful suspension tips from Jens,” he says. “I then turned out with my set screws at the end of the range too so we have at Mellendijk Motor Parts adjusted the setting slightly and the damper again freshly made. Now the adjustment knobs are beautiful again in the middle of their working area and we want to challenge to get to know the Motoklik system well and immediately dot the i’s with my suspension. The system makes every spring movement very well insightful. After the fine tuning here in Grevenbroich my bike now feels much more stable in the holes. He doesn’t do crazy things on this one anymore tough track, but still nice and light to send in” “I think we will go a lot more in the future hear of this system, which is why we now also get in right away and have one buy,” says Albert Mellendijk. “Teams and more serious riders will soon have their own want to have a system for optimizing of the suspension and assessing driving lines on a job. We will accept it as a recognized WP Authorized Service Center are going to use the suspension of to optimize our customers.”

Köpke: “As far as the latter is concerned, it is an additional There is the advantage that a suspension specialist no longer has to go to the cross track for every test. The rider goes for an afternoon ride with the system on his motorcycle and the suspension specialist can from his watch the company live online and, if necessary, provide advice about the setting of the adjustment knobs.

Or the data is subsequently read out in order to meet the adjust the setting accordingly. In the second training session, the rider can then feel the peel, but you can also see that difference in the graphs. This is how we now have Boris’ suspension can also improve. For the rider himself there is also a useful Performance Dashboard in the system. This allows him to view his phone at a glance. storage see how many hours the engine has run, what was the average speed of a driving session and how much difference there is between the various sessions sit. There is also a unique Track-Roughness-Score in the Motoklik system, which takes into account the weight of the job. As a result, you can times of different sessions on a circuit right compare with each other, because the system sees through the suspension how tough the track was at that session and translates that into a sort of corrected lap time. So you can do the first session on a compare flat track to your last session with deep cuts and spurs.” The Motoklik system costs with sensors for one motorcycle brand added €975 excluding VAT. For use on other brands you can put the sensors there then buy separately. There are also additional online applications ties for sale, with which you as a suspension specialist can delve deeper into the subject. More information tie can be found at www.motoklik.com.

Picture 1: Jens Köpke assembles the Motoklik system on the GasGas of Boris Blanken.

Picture 2: The system becomes in a neat box with a manual supplied.

Picture 3: The rear fork sensor is stuck on the brake pump.

Picture 4: The front fork sensor is behind a carbon cap around the fork leg. Under Jens’ left hand see you just got the support with magnet.

Picture 5: On the handlebars comes the GPS sensor with controls button and control LED.

Picture 6: Albert Mellendijk (left) and Boris Blanken receive an explanation of the system.

Picture 7: Motoklik draws the circuit on, records the lap and sector times and let the see spring movement. Through zoom in on one point becomes the damping characteristic teristically visible.

Picture 8: Boris Blanken in action in Grevenbroich for the suspension test.”


We spent a day at the Grevenbroich circuit in Germany with Danny Hermans from MXmag.be and MXVintage.be to follow Boris Blanken from Mellendijk Motor Parts test out the Motoklik system, and review the valve changes made to the high speed compression adjuster on the shock, after previous testing at Lommel.

In an earlier article we wrote about a novelty in the motocross world: the Motoklik system that analyzes your suspension with sensors and a GPS receiver. MXMag went to Lommel and Grevenbroich with two drivers for a practical test.

It is the Irishman Jens Köpke who, after a crash, wondered whether a suspension could not be analyzed with data that prove in black and white that things must be different. Sensors on the front fork and swingarm generate data that, together with a GPS signal, is sent to a central computing unit (CCU). An app for the riders and a dashboard for the mechanics shows you what your suspension is really doing.

After a few test runs and associated adjustments to the suspension clickers, he lapped 4.5 seconds faster on an increasingly difficult track. The engine held its line better and there were no moments in the data where “bottoming” was observed. Bottoming stands for those snapshots where the suspension has used up its full stroke.

The use of Motoklik provides a clear view of a lot of data that is now really expressed in numbers. Just think of the speed of compression and rebound, which is now expressed in black and white in meters per second. The added value is that you can now really find the twisting of your clickers in the data. Spectacular without a doubt.

A cold Grevenbroich

This time the Motoklik system was screwed onto the GasGas of the Dutchman Boris Blanken. He had previously tested in Lommel and now went to Germany for a second session. There too it was quickly clear that a well-functioning suspension is nothing without the right adjustment. Lap times improved by slowing the compression stroke speed by a few clicks.

Boris wants to keep the system permanently on the bike because the conditions are constantly changing and a suspension reacts differently as it gets older. It is important to know that Motoklik is indeed designed to remain permanently on the motorcycle. All parts are water and dirt resistant and will continue to work without a hitch to push data to the app.

Motoklik is for sale at the following dealers:

  • Mellendijk Motor Parts, De Heurne NL
  • Stop&Go, Lommel B
  • Mecafit, Zele B
  • WV2 Suspension, Herselt B
  • VHL Suspension, Hasselt B
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