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Motoklik: The Ultimate Suspension Setup and Lap-Timing System for 85cc Dirtbikes

If you are looking for a way to improve your suspension setup and lap times on your 85cc dirtbike, you need to check out the Motoklik system. Motoklik is an electronic device with unique suspension sensors, a mobile app, and a cloud database that allows you to measure and analyze your suspension performance and lap times on any track.

Motoklik is designed to work with motorcycles that have off-road capability, and it is now available for 85cc dirtbikes from GasGas, Husqvarna, and KTM. Whether you are racing motocross, supercross or enduro, Motoklik can help you achieve the best suspension setup for your riding style and track conditions.

Motoklik is easy to use, easy to fit, and robust. It comes with a central control unit (CCU) that is located between the triple clamps and behind the front number plate, a satellite position antenna that is located on the handlebar with a start/stop recording session button and LED indicator, a front suspension measurement wand that is located on the left fork leg, and a rear suspension measurement pack that is located between the frame and brake master cylinder. It self-charges from the bike’s power supply, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or recharging.

Once you install Motoklik on your 85cc dirtbike, you can start recording your suspension data and lap times with a simple press of a button. After riding your first session, you can use the Motoklik app to see your data and get recommendations from AiSetup. AiSetup is a smart feature that analyzes your data and tells you how much to adjust each of the clickers for high and low speed compression and rebound, so you can ride with maximum confidence. AiSetup also notifies you if your valving or springs are too soft or stiff for your weight and ability, so you know if you need to have your suspension serviced by a technician.

With Motoklik, you can also see live sag readout, bottoming analysis, suspension position and speed analysis, section analysis, average speed, lap variation, speed vs. track roughness score, and more. You can compare different sessions and tracks, see which line is faster, and see if your suspension setup changes are making you faster. You can also upload your data to the Motoklik online dashboard and share it with your technician.

Motoklik is not just a data logger or data acquisition system. It is a suspension setup and lap-timing system that can help you improve your riding skills and performance on your 85cc dirtbike. It is a must-have tool for every dirtbike rider who wants to get the most out of their suspension.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get Motoklik for your 85cc dirtbike today. Click on Buy Now to order yours, and get ready to experience the difference that Motoklik can make.

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